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Angel Glass Vase

Angel Glass Vase

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Indulge in the timeless elegance of our Angel Glass Vase, a heartfelt expression of love for your cherished ones this Valentine's Day. Handcrafted with care and adorned with affection, this exquisite vase is the ultimate embodiment of sophistication.

**Key Features: **

1. **Symbol of Love:** Showcase your affection with this exquisite vase, designed to capture the essence of romance and admiration.
2. **Versatile Charm:** Whether adorning your home or office, this vase serves as a stunning display for flowers or cherished trinkets, elevating any space with its Nordic-inspired style.
3. **Thoughtful Gift:** Make birthdays unforgettable with this thoughtful and enduring present, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and warm hearts with its beauty.

**Product Specifications:**

- **Material:** Glass
- **Size:** 5x9cm
- **Style:** Nordic style

Embrace the artistry of love and celebration with our Angel Glass Vase. Let every gesture speak volumes of affection and admiration.

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