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Multifunctional Pliers

Multifunctional Pliers

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The "Multifunctional Pliers" are a versatile and compact tool designed for various tasks, especially outdoor activities. These pliers come with 7 different functions, making them a versatile tool for various tasks. The functions include a mini hammer, clamp, electric pliers, bottle opener, knife, screwdriver head, and nail puller. This wide range of functions allows you to handle different tasks with a single tool. Overall, these Multifunctional Pliers offer a convenient and practical solution for a variety of tasks, making them a valuable addition to any outdoor enthusiast's toolkit. Their compact design and multiple functions make them a versatile and reliable tool for a wide range of situations.




Product Specifications.
Color: Black
Weight: 433g
Unfolded Size: 21.5cm/8.46inch
Folded Size: 16×7.8╳2.5cm/6.3╳2.9╳1inches
Material: Handle Oxidized Aluminum + 420 Stainless Steel
Product Process: Oxidation process, Sandblasting, Blackening, Fine Polishing

Packing List.
Multi-functional Crook Hammer*

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